A pinch from the past.

We at Virtual Salt come from a background of E-commerce. We started as Primarc Pecan, providing a full spectrum of marketplace management services to help brands with every aspect of online selling, right from onboarding to successfully selling on different platforms such as Amazon, Flipkart and Health XP to name a few. 5 years back in 2017, we decided to take the plunge and start social media marketing for our already existing clients. At this point, we became what is known as a fully integrated digital marketing agency.

There is this question we keep getting, “With a thousand other agencies in the game, what is our differentiating factor?”

The fact that we are geared to handle your business, post to parcel, end-to-end that is. We are your one-stop shop where the insights from your online sales seamlessly blend into the insights for your audience on social media. The right amount of salt can enhance the flavour of any dish, and the right support in your online journey can enhance your brand and its presence.

Meet our
Culinary Artists.

Ankur Dayal

CEO & Co-founder

Vivek Kabra


Radheshyam Saraf

Business Head

Mukesh Mishra

Head of Business Development

Kasturi Jadhav

Head of Content & Strategy

Milan Makwana

Head of Design & Strategy

Piyush Waghmare

Human Resource Manager

Ashish Joshi

Head of AMS

Rajeev Shukla

Head of AMS

Dhruvit Bhatt

Head of Performance Marketing

Love Gole

Senior Visual Designer

Aadesh Khale

Motion Graphics Designer

Suraj Nalawade

Visual Designer

Aadesh Surve

Visual Designer

Anuraaj Barua

Senior Content Writer

Savni Lad

Content Writer

Shohini Das

Content Writer

Shohini Das

Content Writer

Shohini Das

Content Writer

Shohini Das

Content Writer

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