Exploring the Relevance of Blogs

Exploring the Relevance of Blogs: Do They Still Capture Audiences and Impact Brands?

You would agree with me that in the digital landscape we are bombarded with hella content such as articles, videos, ads, and more. But the question is are blogs worth it? Does anyone even read it? Let’s have a look…

What is a Blog?

Think of the blog like a digital universe, where you share your thoughts, stories and knowledge through an online diary. It’s like a coffee date with the cosmos (magical right?) where you spill the tea and connect with like minded souls.

Your blog can be about anything you love, such as fashion, food, travel, nature, technology, etc and people with similar interests can read your blog, creating a mini universe of like minded people.

Is Blogging relevant in today’s world?

Let’s get into some math here, according to marketers, blogs still continue to be one of the popular forms of content marketing services. A study shows that 60% of people read at least one blog per week (Interestinggggg!).

There are 70 million posts each month and 42% of the web is made on WordPress itself. Out of all content marketing strategies, 90% of marketers use blog promotion to market their products or services.

Let’s look at why blogging is relevant:

  1. Builds Loyalty And Trust:

Blogs are useless for your business if you cannot post reliable information. The main reason people read blogs is because they are looking for some kind of information on a topic, or are trying to educate themselves on something they know little about.

It helps to keep your audience engaged and proves your expertise on the field, but it’s important to include information that is accurate, informative and helpful for your audience.

  1. Increases Visibility:

Writing a blog is child’s play (not the movie) said no one ever. You want your audience to come and read your blog that will help you achieve traffic on your website. This requires you to make use of SEO friendly content.

It allows search engines to scan and present your content to audiences who are searching for answers to queries that your blog has information about. It ensures the use of captivating keywords and thoroughly researched content.

  1. Creates Brand Awareness:

Creating diverse and catchy content helps you to stay ahead of your competitors, so that when your audience searches for a query that not many may have answers to, your blog will help you rank higher on SERPs.

The better the blog strategy the more enhanced is the brand’s digital presence.

  1. Helps Understand Customer needs:

We like our content that hits the taste buds in the right way, thus it’s better to make sure that your content is exactly the way your audience wants it – short, crisp and to the point (Yummmmm!)

Benefits of Blogging in Business: 

A blog’s objective is to be able to provide information to customers who are trying to gain more information about a product or service. Creating a SEO friendly content allows search engines to display your content or blog when a query is searched.

Let’s look at a few benefits that blogs help with, in business growth and expansion:

  1. Promoting Customer’s Buying Decision:

Before making a decision to buy, a customer will thoroughly conduct research to find the most appropriate and effective source. An out of the box (if not earth) blog may help you to establish yourself.

  1. Helps Improve ROI:

As blogging requires little to no money, it churns out a high ROI and is also effective at the same time. It helps you promote your business without spending any sort of money. Now that is an effective way to generate business profits!

  1. Improves Website Traffic:

The internet is loaded with tons of information about different types of products and services online. By blogging you can enhance your search engine rankings and boost your website’s traffic and online visibility.

It is seen that companies with blogs produce an average of 67% more leads in a month as compared to companies that don’t blog.

A few ways how blogging helps in customer engagement are:

Organic Traffic: A blog that has the required keyword tends to rank higher than a website’s about page. Having your pages indexed gets you more organic traffic which is valuable to the website.

Builds Credibility: Since blogs allow you to make informative content, people start seeing you as industry expert, leading to likelihood of doing business with you.

Generates Leads: It’s not only a good way to generate leads but also an opportunity to include CTAs in your posts, nudging your readers to take a desired action. They can turn your readers into potential customers.

While blogging may seem easy to do, it requires you to dive deeper into the depths of it all, what it is, how does it help, why should you do it, and so on and so forth. Thus, an expert and a talented team at The Virtual Salt makes sure that they understand your business from end-to-end, so that they can provide you with just the right pinch of salt in your business.

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